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About Us

We know it can be a little nerve wracking to find the right photographer to take intimate photos of yourself. So we wanted to share a little bit about ourselves with you. Althought, our story is quite long as we are high school sweethearts.  We first met through Lloyd’s cousin and my best friend our sophomore year in high school.  It was not our first encounter, as we had crossed paths when we were only 11, we didn’t pay each other any attention then.  Although, in April of 1994 it was quite different, this time there were sparks.  We both lay claim to who made the first move.  Guess it doesn’t matter who it was, we were thinking the same thing even then.

We tried to take some time with our relationship.  We dated through high school but really made the decision to make it last after the first year out of high school.  After Lloyd finished boot camp from the Marine Corp we got engaged and three months later got married.  We have had one heck of an adventure since then and we have both grown so much together through the years. We are blessed with three boys, Mason, Conner and Cole. Very recently we added a girl, Kennedy, to the mix.  We couldn't imagine our lives without each other or without them now.

It wasn’t until 2009 that we started photographing professionally.  Lloyd and I realize immediately we have a different perspective from other photographers on capturing personalities.  

That is a bit of our story in a nutshell.

Lloyd is the artist and creative firestorm of the two. He is the primary photographer and drives the fine art quality of our work. He plays a great golf game and that is his passion next to photography. He loves being outside in nature, especially when he is in the middle of a forest.

Joleta is a photographer with a snipers eye. She sees and captures moments that no one else would get. She can capture a moment that is priceless. She had a long career in the business field but feels that it could never compare to the enjoyment she gets from being a mother.

We love working together as a couples and feel we have distinctive vision for photography.